Shows: Buena Park '07

Here are photos from the 2007 railroadiana show held in Buena Park, California in January of 2007. Photos were provided by Rob Hoffer and Ed Long. Uncredited photos are Rob's; photos with {EL} are Ed's . Our thanks to both. Click on the thumbnails for larger images. Some of these are very big files so download time may be **slow** for a modem connection.

Above left to right. Various views of the venue and tables {all EL}.
Above left to right. Various tables {all EL}.
Above left to right. Three tables; the fourth shows a distinctive "Santa Fe' switch lamp. {all EL}.
Above left to right. A table of railroad-marked silver {EL}; brackets for attaching lamps to rolling stock; a display of date nails; a "Bethlehem" South African locomotive plate.
Above left to right. Chimes used in dining cars to call patrons to dinner; a booklet of musical melodies for use with the chimes; a box of railroad uniform buttons; an ashtray stand marked for the Burlington Route from a passenger car.

More from the show.....

Thanks to the photographers and to everyone
who let their items be photographed.