NYC "DeWitt Clinton" China Survey
by Mark Rossiter

According to Doug McIntyre's book,  "The Official Guide to Dining Car China," the New York Central Railroad's "DeWitt Clinton" pattern is one of the more common patterns in railroad china. This is hardly surprising, simply due to the sheer number of dining cars operated by the New York Central. Still, there is something about the color and simplicity of the DeWitt Clinton pattern that is very appealing. Its design is elegant, unostentatious, and a particularly apt reflection of the New York Central's conservative but classy passenger operations.

To the best of my understanding, there were only two companies that manufactured china in this pattern for the New York Central: Onandaga Pottery Company (Syracuse China) and Buffalo China. Furthermore, it appears that neither company made all of the pieces in this pattern. Both companies made some pieces, while many other pieces were made by one or the other, but not both.

Following is a listing of all of the various pieces of DeWitt Clinton china that I have been able to discover, along with the manufacturer, if known. This list is based on pieces I have seen in mailing lists, auction brochures and web sites, as well as items in my own collection or the collections of friends and acquaintances. I have tried to use the names that are most commonly associated with the various pieces. Upper right. A nine-inch dinner plate in the DeWitt Clinton pattern. Lower right. Closeup of same.




No Mfr's  Stamp

11-1/4" diameter x 6" deep Soup Toureen with Lid   (X) X
16" x 11-3/4" Oval Platter (Turkey Plate)   X  
12-1/2" x 8-1/2" Oval Platter X  
9-1/2" x 6-1/2" Oval Platter X  
9-5/8" x 6-1/2" Oval Platter X    
11-1/2" x 7-1/2" Rectangular Platter X X  
8-3/4" x 5-3/4" Rectangular Platter X X  
9-1/2" x 4-1/2" Celery Dish X    
6" x 4-1/2" Rectangular sauce Dish X    
5-5/8" x 4-3/4" Rectangular sauce Dish   X  
5" Veggie Dish with Econo-Rim   X  
10-3/8" Dinner Plate   X  
9" Dinner Plate X    
9" Soup Plate X X  
7-1/2" Dessert Plate (a.k.a. Bread Plate, Salad Plate) X X  
6" diameter Saucer X X  
Coffee Cup – tapered shape X X  
Coffee Cup - straight sided   X  
4-1/2" diameter Demi Saucer X X  
Demi Cup X (X) X
Footed Mug (a.k.a. Handled Double Egg Cup)     X
6" x 5" Ice Cream Shell X    
Gravy Boat X (X) X
3-3/4" Handled Creamer (X) X X
4-1/2" Handled Creamer X X  
Double Egg Cup X    
Single Egg Cup (X) (X) X
5-1/2" Double Handled Soup Cup   X  
3-3/4" diameter Bouillon Cup X X  
4-3/8" diameter x 1-3/8" ht Ramekin   X  
4-1/2" diameter x 1-1/4" ht Ramekin X    
5-3/4" diameter Hot Food Cover     X
6" Cereal Bowl (a.k.a. Salad Bowl) X X  
6" Cereal Bowl (a.k.a. Salad Bowl) with Econo-Rim   X  
7-1/2" diameter x 3-3/4" ht Compote   X  
10" Dinner Plate (1981 Mohawk & Hudson Chapter of NRHS piece)   X  
4-3/4" Veggie Dish (1981 Mohawk & Hudson Chapter of NRHS piece)   X  
9" Dinner Plate (1981 Mohawk & Hudson Chapter of NRHS piece - no loco in center of plate)   X  
6-1/2" diameter Plate (1981 Mohawk & Hudson Chapter of NRHS piece)   X  
5-3/4" diameter Saucer (1981 Mohawk & Hudson Chapter of NRHS piece)   X  
Coffee Cup (1981 Mohawk & Hudson Chapter of NRHS piece)   X  


This web page is an adaptation of an article "Collecting - What are the limits?" that appeared in the Fall, 2003 Express of RCAI. It includes markings that have been reported after the article was published. New markings will be added as they are reported.

The X's in parenthesis represent my best guess as to the manufacturer when the piece is not marked. For example, I have two single eggcups in my collection. Neither is marked as to whom the manufacturer is, hence the 'X' in the "No Mfr's Stamp" column. Based on the differences in the color of the china and the decals, as well as the overall shape and thickness of the pieces themselves, I believe that one was made by Buffalo China and the other by Syracuse China.

I have been told by a reliable source that a full-sized water pitcher was made, but I have not seen any evidence to support that claim. If anyone has any additions or corrections to this list I would love to hear from you. Email me at