FAQs About Fakes

Here are answers to some FAQs (frequently-asked questions) sent to this website about fakes. For links to more information on fakes as well as fake alerts, see our main fakes page.

Q. Is [this item] real or a fake?

A. Sorry, but we cannot judge the authenticity of any specific item due to some or all of the following reasons: (1) liability, (2) not having the expertise readily available, and/or (3) the difficulty of making judgments based on partial descriptions or photos. Nothing generates more controversy among collectors than questions of authenticity, and even experts cannot agree on some items. This website is all-volunteer and non-profit; we can't afford to get involved in the middle of disputes about authenticity. We publish general information on fakes and reproductions on our Fakes pages. This information is offered in "good faith" and represents the best that we can offer, but it is accompanied by a strong disclaimer.

Q. OK, so some items like mine are fake. I believe my item is authentic. Can you prove that I'm wrong?

A. Well, actually the burden of proof is on you to prove that your item is authentic, not on other collectors to prove that your claims are false. Think about it. Anyone can make a claim about anything. But if there's reason for skepticism, it's up to that person to back up their claim with proof. Otherwise, skepticism rules. In some collecting categories, for example railroad police badges and Wells Fargo items, so many fakes have been produced that just about everything has to be viewed with some skepticism.

Q. Do you have a test or specific criteria to tell the real thing from a fake?

A. If we have such information, it's published on our Fakes pages. In some cases we only have reports from reputable collectors and dealers that certain fakes exist, so we publish these as a heads-up to collectors with as much information as available. It's the best that we can do. We all wish for a "Carbon-14" dating test for railroadiana, but so far it hasn't been invented. Someday maybe!

Q. Is my Wells Fargo item authentic?

A. Sorry, but we no longer provide information about Wells Fargo fakes -- see why on a separate page.