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Here are links to miscellaneous articles and other information pages on this website. Links to pages dealing with specific catorgories of railroadiana are available on the About Railroadiana page.

Below are links to articles originally published in Key, Lock & Lantern and presented here in PDF format with the generous permission of the authors. You must have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer (free from Adobe) to open PDF documents. These files are big (up to 900k or more) so download time on a moden connection may be very slow.

Notable References on Other Websites
  • New! Historical RR Documents. An extensive collection of railroad rulebooks, timetables, maps and other documents.


Railroad Tributes
Railroad Markings

Following are links to old catalogs and other documents related to railroadiana. Please note that these are all old -- nothing shown in these catalogs is for sale. Thanks to all who contributed material!

Adams & Westlake
Catalogs & Bulletins
Handlan / Handlan Buck
Catalogs & Documents

Dressel / Lovell Dressel
Catalogs & Documents
Other Manufacturer's
Catalogs & Documents


Note: If you have old catalogs or other types of research information pertaining to railroadiana such as lanterns, china, or locks, we invite you to share them with other collectors through this site. For catalogs, we only need scans (although reasonably good-quality scans), not originals. If you cannot provide scans and are willing to let us borrow the catalog for a week or two, we will scan it and return it (honest). Other collectors will appreciate your generosity and efforts. See Contact Us page.