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This website is non-commercial, all-volunteer, and independent of any organization or sponsor. We welcome:

  • New lantern markings not in our lantern surveys;
  • New railroad names not in our database;
  • Questions and replies for the Question & Answer Board;
  • Information, photos, and scans of reference materials that can be shared with other collectors;
  • Information on new fakes and counterfeits;
  • Comments about anything on the site.

However, we cannot respond to email about the following:

  • Values, appraisals or estimates of what something is worth. See About Values.
  • Authentication of items, especially Wells Fargo items. See Fake and Reproduction Wells Fargo Items and FAQs about Fakes.
  • Help in finding items or parts. Nothing on this website is for sale, and we do not reveal ownership or forward emails. This includes the Q&A Board. Some rare items are shown only because the owners trust us to respect their privacy. We also don't have a special "line" on anything and can only suggest railroadiana shows and internet auctions for finding stuff. All the parts sources that we know of are listed on a separate Parts and Restoration Page.

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Other Questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page and our Question Board, which is searchable.

Contributions of infomation and images.

Send information via the email link below. Pictures can be sent as attachments. Contributions can be credited by name or left anonymous -- your choice. If you have some information that you think could be useful to other collectors, we'll help you put together a web page on it. The basic idea behind this website is that if collectors share their knowledge, we will better preserve railroad history.

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