1918 Adams & Westlake Lantern Catalog Pages

Following are scans of a 1918 lantern catalog from the Adams & Westlake Company. The catalog is marked Bulletin B-30 and was scanned from a reprint. Click on the thumbnails to see readable pages. In order to allow readability, scans are very large and may take some time to download on a modem connection. Use your browser's [BACK] button to get back to this page. See note below about image resizing.

Cover lantern features lantern features #11 Wire Guard #11 Adams
#11 Wire Guard #11 Adams #39 Wire Guard #39 Wire Guard #90
#91 #11Wire Guard
(Elec Ry)
#11 Adams
(Elec Ry)
Bail Lock Detail Conductors' Acetylene

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