Fake China: Reproductions II

Sometime in the decades prior to 1990, new reproduction railroad china was commissioned and sold by a controversial collector, since deceased. The china was actually made by prominent manufacturers on order from this individual. At the time, this china was clearly being sold as reproduction pieces. However, there is the distinct possibility that these pieces may now be represented as authentic in the collectors market. Therefore, here is a list of specific pieces that were reported in a 1990 article published by Key, Lock & Lantern - a collectors organization. Please note that this is not necessarily an exhaustive list. Collectors continue to have their suspicions about other pieces that have surfaced. See Updates.

Quoting from the original article, "There are two easy ways to determine a reproduction item. The first being that the design is applied over the glaze, rather than under the glaze as was normally done with railroad china. The second is by the manufacturer's back stamp. All of the items mentioned [below] have current manufacturer's back stamps, none of which were in use in the pre-Amtrak era. As very few china patterns have been produced for railroad use since 1971 (Winged Streamliner does come to mind), a knowledge of the current manufacturer's marks can be used to determine authenticity." Current manufacturer's back stamps include Homer Laughlin, Hall, and Sterling China. With the exception of Union Pacific's "Winged Streamliner" pattern which was produced in the post-Amtrak era for business cars, any china with these three back stamps should be considered reproductions."

The list of china pieces known to have been reproduced by this single individual is as follows:

Baltimore & Ohio

  • Bud Vase, Cobalt Blue, Hall China
  • Butter Chip, "Dining Car Service/Capitol Dome
  • Hot Chocolate Pot, Cobalt Blue, Hall China, "East/West/Capitol Dome" logo
  • Royal Blue Line Tea Pot, Hall China, "Capitol Dome" logo
  • Covered Mustard Pot, Bel-Terr China, "B&O Southwestern logo
  • Two Quart jug Water Pitcher, Cobalt Blue, Hall China, "Capitol Dome" logo
  • "Baltimore" pattern Pedestal Egg Cup, Home Laughlin China
  • "Strata Dome" pattern Butter Chip
  • "Mt. Clare" pattern Handled Cream Pitcher, Hall China
  • "Strata Dome" pattern DemiTasse Cup and Saucer, Homer Laughlin China

Baltimore Steam Packet Co. (OLD BAY LINE)

  • 3.5 oz. Handle Creamer, Hall China
  • 9"' Dinner Plate, Homer Laughlin China

Chesapeake & Ohio

  • "Chessie" DemiTasse Cup and Saucer
  • "Chessie" Souvenir Plate, Cobalt blue border
  • "Staffordshire" Ashtray, Shenango China
  • "Chessie" Tea Pot, Hall China

Erie Railroad

  • "Chataqua" pattern Butter Chip
  • "Chataqua" DemiTasse Cup and Saucer, Homer Laughlin China

Lehigh Valley Transit (LIBERTY BELL ROUTE)

  • 2 oz. Creamer, Homer Laughlin China
  • Demi-Tasse Cup and Saucer, Homer Laughlin China
  • Butter Chip

Lehigh Valley Railroad

  • Gold Border Buffer Chip, LV Flag logo in gold
  • Hot Chocolate Pot, Cobalt Blue, Hall China, LV flag logo in gold

New Haven Railroad

  • "Boston Bean Pot", Bel-Terr China, famed NH logo on side

New York Central (MERCURY)

  • Butter Chip
  • DemiTasse Cup and Saucer, Homer Laughlin China
  • Pedestal Egg Cup, Homer Laughlin China
  • Tea Pot, Bel-Terr China
  • Chocolate Pot, Hall China

The Pullman Co.

  • "Calumet" Pedestal Egg Cup, Homer Laughlin China

Reading Company

  • "Olde English" Pedestal Egg Cup, Homer Laughlin China

Seaboard Air Line

  • Cobalt Chocolate Pot, Hall China

Western Maryland Lines (UNION BRIDGE)

  • DemiTasse Cup and Saucer, Homer Laughlin China
  • Handled Creamer, Hall China
  • Butter Chip


  • Pedestal Egg Cup, Homer Laughlin China

Once again, this is not necessarily an exhaustive list. There is the possibility that other china pieces were reproduced by this individual as well.

Remember: Anything that looks new and is reported to be 70-100 years old is suspicious! Almost all private U.S. Railroads stopped passenger service in 1971 with the inception of Amtrak. Well before that date, passenger service was a major money-loser, and railroads had long stopped ordering new dining car china. With the exception of some office car china, private railroads have not ordered new china for at least 40 years. If it looks new, it most likely is new!

Updates. (2005) A suspicious pedestal Egg Cup marked for the Boston & Maine in the "Bar Harbor" pattern has surfaced and may be from this same individual's production. One way to tell the difference is that the real thing has both black and brown pinstripes, whereas the suspicious one has only black pinstripes. We don't know what the back stamp is on the suspicious piece, but this would be more evidence one way or another.

Another experienced china collector added the following: "[The deceased individual] applied the WM [Western Maryland] logo to many different pieces of old restaurant weight white china, logo always overglaze, of course... He was quite eager to make this stuff look real "old", and often, apparently, "cooked" the pieces to age them. R.I.P." Again note what was said in the beginning of this article -- the marking was applied over the glaze in these reproductions rather than under the glaze as was usually done with authentic railroad china.

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Source: Key, Lock & Lantern, Spring 1990, Issue #95, pp 1883-1884.