Possible Fakes & Reproductions

Sometimes it's not clear whether an item is a fake or not. It just shows up in the market, and collectors think it looks suspicious. This is a new page for such questionable items. If you have comments or items to post on this page, email us -- the email address is on the Contact Us page.

The images above were sent by an experienced collector: "I am sending the included photos for your consideration.  It appears to me that the fakers have found railroad wax sealers.  My hopes were this was a legitimate "different" sealer but upon receipt it had too many "irregularities" for my taste causing me to return it.  The seller was gracious and true to their word on returns.  I would really appreciate being proved wrong.  The pictures may not adequately demonstrate the problems. I can add more of my reasons but I would prefer to withhold them until others have an opportunity to comment."