Lantern & Globe Surveys: Dietz #6 Lanterns

Following are known markings found on the #6" lantern manufactured by the R.E. Dietz Co. The "#6" was a tall-globe, bellbottom lantern that was unique because it took a special globe that did not fit other standard tall globe lanterns. It seems that only a small number of railroads used the #6, and the most comonly found examples of this model are marked for the New York Central Railroad or affiliated lines.

This list reflects a survey recently undertaken on the internet. Special thanks to Mark Rossiter and the other collectors on the internet who contributed markings and information. We welcome new markings and comments. See Contact Us page.

Albany & Hudson
A.& H. R.R.

Bellfonte Central
B.C. R.R.

Boston & Albany
B.& A. R.R.

Buffalo Creek
(Also possibly Beech Creek)

Carthage and Copenhagen (see note)
C.& C.RR.

Delaware & Eastern
D.& E. R.R.

Delaware & Northern
D.& N.

Dominion Atlantic

Empire State
ESR (shop marked)

Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville
F.J.& G. R.R.

Grand Central Station

Hudson Coal Co

Lehigh & Hudson River
L.& H.R. RY.

Lehigh & New England
L.& N.E. RY.

L&A ? -- see notes
L.&.A. RY.

Newport & Sherman's Valley
N.& S.V. Ry.

New York Central
New York Central

New York Central Stockyards

New York, Ontario & Western
N.Y.O.& W. RY.
N.Y.O.& W.
N.Y.O.& W. R.R.

Penn. R.R.

Philadelphia & Reading
P.&.R. RY., P.&.R. RR., P.&.R. RWY.

Pittsburgh, Johnstown, Ebensburg & Eastern

Rochester & Syracuse
R.& S. Ry.



  • Thanks to all who have sent in markings!
  • In some cases, markings my not accurately reflect periods and other subtle characteristics in lettering. The accuracy of this material is not guaranteed.
  • No ownership information is maintained with the survey listings. All markings sent in for addition to the list are treated anonymously, and no ownership information will be disclosed.
  • Regarding the "C&C" marking, other railroads are possible, but a collector who bought a lantern with this marking emailed us to say that he believes it was from the Carthage and Copenhagen Railroad. First, it was found less than ten miles from where the Carthage and Copenhagen Railroad was located.  Second, while a good guess might be "Coal and Coke Railway", the lantern is marked C&C RR, not C&C Ry, and lanterns from the Coal & Coke were marked with "Ry".  Finally, Dietz "6" lanterns were used mainly in New York, Pennsylvania, and lower New England -- all New York Central Railroad territory, which was the line most associated with this model. Note that the lanterns in this survey are all from the Northeast region. The marking listed as "L&A" is probably not from the "Louisiana & Arkansas" but from another line.