Lantern & Globe Surveys: Dressel Short Globe Lanterns

Following are known railroads that used marked Dressel short-globe lanterns. Our thanks to Dave Crawford for providing the original list and to others for updates.

  Atlantic Coast Line
  Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe
  Baltimore & Ohio
  Bessemer & Lake Erie
  Chicago & Eastern Illinois
  Chicago & North Western
  Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (Burlington Route)
  Chicago Great Western
  Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific
  Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific
  Delaware & Hudson
  Denver & Rio Grand Western
  Detroit, Toledo & Ironton
  Erie (Logo Marked; also Spelled Out)
  Grand Trunk Western
  Great Northern
  Gulf Mobile & Ohio
  Illinois Terminal
  Kentucky & Indiana Terminal
  Long Island
  Louisville & Nashville
  Minneapolis & St. Louis
  Michigan Central (or Maine Central?)
  Missouri Kansas Texas
  New Jersey Central (Central RR of NJ)
  New York, Central System (New York Central)
  New York, New Haven & Hartford
  New York, Susquehanna & Western
  Norfolk & Western
  Northern Pacific
  Penn Central
  Pere Marquette
  Reading Company (Reading Lines; Reading Co, Loco Dept; Reading Company Transportation Department)
  Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac
  Pittsburgh & Lake Erie
  Seaboard Air Line
  Seaboard Coast Line
  Soo Line
  Southern Pacific
  Spokane, Portland & Seattle
  St. Louis - San Francisco
  Texas & Pacific
  Union Pacific
  Washington Railway Terminal Co.
  Wheeling & Lake Erie


  • Last Updated July, 2016
  • No ownership information is maintained with the survey listings. All new markings sent in for addition to the list are treated anonymously, and no ownership information will be disclosed.
  • Distinctions are not made with respect to "Railway" versus "Railroad"