Lantern & Globe Surveys: 3 1/4" Marked Globes

There are two lists to show on known markings of 3 1/4" globes, which were used in various models of "short globe" lanterns.

One list is from Clarence and Lee Criswell, a father & son team who have made a specialty of collecting and documenting *cast* short globes. This list is new to the web. Thanks to Clarence and Lee for permission to publish it here.

A second list is from a survey published in Key, Lock & Lantern magazine in the early 1980's. This list was compiled by Ken Andrews using forms sent in by members and has been appended over the years with marking sent in via the web. The list includes both cast and etched markings. No effort has been made to verify these markings so errors may exist. Thanks to Ken Andrews for permission to post this list here and to everyone who has sent in markings.

Both lists are shown below, beginning with that from the Criswells. To contribute markings, see email information on each list.

Criswell List {see notes below}

Lettering CC RC AC BC GC
A.C.L. CC RC      
A.T. & S.F. Ry. CC RC AC BC GC
B. & O. R.R. (top of globe) CC RC      
B. & O.R.R. (In a panel) CC RC      
C.&.A.R.R.   RC      
C & E.I. CC RC      
C. & O. CC RC AC BC  
C.& O.(Large letters "glassbake") CC        
C. & N.W. Ry CC RC      
C.M.&.St.P CC        
C.N.R. CC RC AC    
C.P.R. CC RC AC    
CPR   RC      
C.R.R. of N.J. CC        
D.L. & W.R.R. CC RC      
EJ & E Ry CC        
ERIE (In a panel) CC RC      
ERIE (No panel) CC RC      
G.C. & S.F. Ry. CC RC      
G.N. Ry. CC RC      
H.V. CC RC      
I.C.R.R. CC RC AC    
L. & N.R.R. CC RC AC    
L.V.R.R. (In a panel) CC RC AC    
L.V.RR (No panel) CC RC      
N & W CC RC      
EN.P. Ry. CC RC      
N.Y.C. LINES CC RC      
N.Y.C.S. CC RC      
N.Y.N.H. & H CC RC      
N.Y.N.H. & H.R.R.(No Panel) CC        
P.M. CC RC      
PRR (Logo) CC RC      
R.I. LINES. CC RC      
S.A.L. Ry CC RC      
S.A.L. Ry. Co.   RC      
S.P.Co CC RC      
W.M. Ry. (In a panel) CC RC      
W.M. Ry. (No panel) CC RC      


  • All globes listed are short cast embossed 3 ¼".
  • All lettering is in a rounded end panel unless noted. (The B & O at the top of the globe is not in a rounded end panel).
  • We have listed all globes reported to us from collectors. We have not seen all listed globes.
  • New cast globe markings are welcome. For this list contact:
    P.O. BOX 709 LAMAR, SC 29069. (Eve. 843-326-5061)(Wk 1-800-542-0902)
  • List updated on 10/25/ 03

Key, Lock & Lantern List
Markings are grouped by railroad. Under each railroad are markings, followed by letter pairs in brackets. The first of each letter pair indicates color (C = clear; R =red; B = blue; G = green; Y or A = yellow or amber) and the second indicates type of marking (C = cast, E = etched). For example, CC = "clear cast" and BE = "blue etched".

 Ann Arbor RR
   AARR {RE}

Atchison, Topeka &Santa Fe

Atlantic Coast Line

Baltimore & Ohio
   B&O {CE,BE}
   B&O (Capital Dome logo) {CC,RC}

Bangor & Aroostook (also reported as Boston & Albany)
   B&A {RE}

Boston & Maine
   B&MRR {RE}

Canadian National

Canadian Pacific

Central of Georgia
   CofGRy {RE}

Central Railroad of New Jersey
   NJC {RE}
   CNJ {RE}
   "CNJ"  (in quotes) {CE} 
Central Vermont
   CVRy {CE}

Chesapeake & Ohio
   C&ORR {CE}
   C&ORy {CE,RE}

Chicago & Alton
   C&ARR {RE,RC}

Chicago & Eastern Illinois
   C&EI {RC,RE,CC}
   C&EIRR {CE}

Chicago & Northwestern
   C&NWRy {CC,RC}

Chicago & Western Indiana
   C&WI {RE}

Chicago, Aurora & Elgin
   CA&E {RE}

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
   CB&Q {CE,RE}
   BR {RE, CE}

Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville
   CI&L {RE}

Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
   CM&StP {RE}

Chicago, Milwaukee, St Paul & Pacific
   CMStP&PRy {BE}

Chicago, North Shore & Milwaukee

Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific
   ROCK ISLAND (logo) {CC,RC}
   RIL {CE,RE}

Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha
   CStPM&ORy {YE}
   OMAHA Ry {CE}

Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis

Delaware & Hudson
   D&H RR {CE}
   D&H RR {(CE over CNR which is CC,double marked)}

Delaware, Lackawanna & Western

Denver & Rio Grande Western

Duluth, Missabe & Northern
   D.M & N. Ry. {CE} (no period after "M")

Elgin, Joliet & Eastern
   EI&ERy {CC}

   E (in diamond logo) {CE,RE,BE}
   ERR {RE}

   EL {RE}

Grand Trunk Western
   GTW {CE}

Great Northern

Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe
   GC&SFRy {CC, YE}
   GC&SF {BE,RC}
Hocking Valley

Illinois Central
   IC {RE}
   ILLINOIS CENTRAL (in diamond logo) {CC}

Illinois Terminal
   ITRR {RE}

Indiana Harbor Belt
   IHB {RE}

Kansas City Southern
   KCSRy {CE}

Kansas City Terminal

Kentucky & Indiana Terminal
   K&ITRR {CE}

Lehigh Valley
   LV {RE}
   LVRR (in Diamond) {CC}

Long Island

Louisville & Nashville
   L&N {CE,RE,YE}
   L&N (in box w arrows) {RC}

Maine Central
   M.C. R.R. {RE}

Minneapolis & St. Louis
   M&StLRR {CE,BE}

Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie (SOO LINE)
   Soo Line Ry {RE}

Missouri, Kansas & Texas
   MKT {RE}

Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis
   NC&StL {RE,AE}

Newburgh & South Shore
   N&SSRy {RE}

New York Central
   N.Y.C. LINES {CE}

New York Chicago & St. Louis

New YorK New Haven & Hartford

Norfolk & Western
   N&W (in circle-logo) {CC,RC,BC}
   N&WRy {CE}
   NW {RC}

Northern Pacific
   NPRy (below Monad - logo) {CC}
   NPRy   {CE, RE, YE, BE, GE, RC, CC}
   NP   {CE, RE, GE, BE}

Oregon, Washington Railroad & Navigation
   OWRR&N {CE}

   PRR (in keystone - logo) {CE,RE,YE,BE,GE,CC,RC,GC,BC}

Peoria & Eastern
   P&ERy {YE}

Pere Marquette
   PM {CE, RC}

Pittsburgh & Shawmut
   P&SRR {CC}

Reading Co.
   READING LINES (in diamond - logo) {CC, RC}

Rock Island - see Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific

Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac


St. Louis-San Francisco
   FRISCO (logo) {CC}
St. Louis Southwestern
   StLSWRy {YE, RE}

San Antonio & Aransas Pass
   SA&APRy {RE}

Seaboard Air Lines
   SALRy {CC, RC}
   SAL {RE,RCut}
   SALRy Co {RC}

Soo Line - see Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie

Southern Pacific
   SPCo {CC,RC,AC,GC,RE,CE (large & small letters)}
   SP. CO. {RE}
   S.P. de M. {CE}

Spokane, Portland &Seattle
   SP&S {CE, RE}

Texas & New Orleans

Texas & Pacific
   T&P {CE}
   THE TEXAS & PACIFIC Ry (logo) {CC}

Union Pacific

Virginian Railway
   VGNRy {CE,RE}


Wanamaker, Kempton & Southern
   WK&S {CE}

Washington Terminal Co.
   WTCo {CE, RE}

Western Maryland
   W.M. Ry. {CC,RC}

  • All markings are reported as collectors have identified them. Inaccuracies may exist with respect to the presence or absence of periods after letters. No attempt has been made to verify authenticity of any marking. The accuracy of this material is not guaranteed.
  • No ownership information is maintained with the survey listings. All new markings sent in for addition to the list are treated anonymously, and no ownership information will be disclosed.
  • Markings in blue are shown as published in "Key, Lock and Lantern" (#58, Winter, 1980-1981, pp. 800-802) which presumably means the specific lettering that was found on the lantern; however, periods and spaces are omitted. In the case where initials are given, matching them with a specific railroad can usually be done by consulting one of the railroad name references by Edson or Gross. However, sometimes there is ambiguity due to the fact that the same initials (e.g. B&A RR) may stand for more than one railroad (e.g., Boston & Albany Railroad or Bangor & Aroostook Railroad). Thanks to Ken Andrews (who compiled the original surveys) for permssion to republish them here
  • Thanks to everyone who has sent in markings! New markings are welcome. See Contact Us page.