Lantern & Globe Surveys: Star Headlight Lanterns

This is a new list of markings found on lanterns made by the Star Headlight and Lantern Company.  It has not been previously published in Key, Lock and Lantern's magazine and is presented here as a new survey.  We cordially invite additions and corrections and thank those who have already contributed information. Please see E-mail information below as well as other footnotes at the bottom of the page.

Our website on lantern collecting presents a brief overview of the Star Headlight and Lantern Company as well as some images of tall-globe lanterns from this company.  As far as we know, this company never n produced short globe lanterns, although they did produce electric lanterns.

The list presents the railroad company names in bold type, with associated markings on separate lines below.  The following abbreviations are used to identify different lantern frame features:  FV = Flat Verticals; RV = Round Verticals; 1H = 1 Horizontal; 2H = 2 Horizontals; TO = Twist off Fount;  IF = Insert Fount;  BB = Bellbottom base.

Adams Express Co.
   Adams Express Co.  RV, 1H, TO

Ann Arbor
   A.A. R.R.  RV, 2H, BB

Baltimore & Ohio
   B.& O R.R.   RV, 2H, BB

Bessemer & Lake Erie
   B.& L.E. R.R.  RV, 2H, TO 

Boston & Albany
   B.& A. R.R.   RV, 2H, BB

Boston & Maine
   B.& M. R.R.   RV, 2H, BB

Boston Terminal
   Boston Terminal   RV, 1H, BB

Central of Georgia
   C of G Ry RV, 2H,

Central Railroad of New Jersey
   C.R.R. of N.J.  RV, 2H, BB  

Chicago & Alton
   C.& A. R.R.  RV, 1H, IF

Chicago & Northwestern
   C.& N.W. R.R.  RV, 2H, TO

Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville (Monon)
   C.& I.L. Ry.  RV, 2H, TO

Colorado Southern
   C. S. Ry.  RV, 2H, IF  

Copper Range
   C R R R  RV, 2H, BB  

Delaware, Lackawanna & Western
   D.L.& W. R.R.   RV, 2H, BB  

Denver & Rio Grande
   D.& R.G. R.R.  RV, 2H, TO  

Detroit Southern
   D.S. R.R.  RV, 2H, TO 

Duluth & Iron Range
   D.& I.R. Ry.  RV, 1H, TO  

Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic
   D.S.S. & A. R.R.  RV, 2H, BB  

Florence & Cripple Creek
   F.& C.C. R.R.  RV, 2H, TO  

Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville
   F.J.& G. R.R.  RV, 2H, TO
   F.J.& G. R.R.  RV, 2H, BB  

Fort Worth & Denver City
   F.W.& D.C. RY.  RV, 2H, TO
   F.W.& D.C. RY.  RV, 1H, IF    

Interborough Rapid Transit Co.
   I.R.T. Co.   RV, 2H, BB   

Grand Trunk
   G. T. Ry.  RV, 2H, BB  

Kansas & Missouri
   K.& M R.R. RV, 2H, BB

Lake Superior & Ishpeming
   L.S.& I. Ry. RV, 2H, TO

   M Ry. Co. RV, 2H, BB

Mt. Jewett, Kinzua & Riterville
   Mt. J. K. & R.  R.R.   RV, 2H, TO 

Pere Marquette
   P. M. R.R.  RV, 2H, TO

Peoria & Eastern
   P & E Ry  RV, 2H, TO 

Pittsburgh & Lake Erie
   P. & L.E. R.R.  RV, 2H, TO 
   P. & L.E. R.R.  RV, 2H, IF   

Pittsburgh, Bessemer & Lake Erie
   P. B. & L.E. R.R.  RV,1H, TO 

Pittsburgh Railways
   P.R. Co.   RV, 2H, BB  

Rome, Watertown & Ogdensburg
   R.W.& O. R.R.   RV, 2H, BB (Brasstop also)  

Saint Louis San Francisco
   FRISCO  RV, 2H, IF 

Union Railroad
   U.R.R.   RV, 2H, BB  

Vandalia Railroad
   V.R.R.   RV, 2H, IF  

Wells Fargo & Co.
   WF&CO'S EXP {details unknown}

Western Maryland
   W. M. R.R.  RV, 2H, TO
   W. M. R.R.  RV, 2H, IF   

West Virginia Central & Pittsburgh
   W.V.C. & P. Ry.  RV, 2H, TO


  • Although reliable sources have been used for markings, this list may contain errors.   No guarantee is given with regard to accuracy.  Also, some markings have been reported without periods in the railroad name.  However, since periods are usually present,   markings are shown here with them by default.
  • To contribute new markings, please give the exact marking, including periods.  Please include information on types of horizontals, verticals, and founts. See Contact Us page. Again, a hearty thanks to contributors of  new markings.
  • All markings that are contributed are confidential, and ownership information will not be disclosed under any circumstances.