Lantern & Globe Surveys: "Brady" Lanterns

Following are known railroads that used marked "Brady's Malleable Iron Railroad Lanterns", usually simply called "Brady" lanterns. This was an unusual lantern model made in the later 1800's in New Britain, Connecticut. It was advertised as being particularly strong and resistant to damage. Our thanks to Tom Stranko who compiled the list and to Scott Czaja for additions and corrections. Click on the image of a Brady lantern for a larger version -- photo by Rob Hoffer. We welcome new markings. See Contact Us page.

  • BC&M  (Boston, Concord & Montreal)
  • BL&N   (Boston, Lowell & Nashua)
  • BC&F   (Boston, Clinton & Fitchburg)
  • B&O     (Baltimore & Ohio)
  • C&O     (Chesapeake & Ohio)
  • Maine Central
  • N&W    (Norwich & Worcester)
  • NCRW Co   (Northern Central)
  • P&K     (Portland & Kennebec)
  • PS&P   (Portland, Saco & Portsmouth)
  • VC       (Vermont Central)
  • V&M     (Vermont & Massachusetts)
  • W&N     (Worchester & Nashua)