Adams & Westlake 1907 Catalog

Miscellaneous Lamps
Index (In Original Catalog Order)
Center Tower Lamp, No.166
Cab Lamps
Water Gauge Lamps
Tri-Color Lamp
Policeman's or Watchman's Dark Lamp
Station Platform Lamp
Tubular Station Platform Lamp
Office Stand Lamps
Office Bracket Lamps

No. 166 Center Tower Lamp [Left]

Diameter of reflector, 22 1/2 inches. No. 2 Solar Burner furnished, unless some other is preferred.

Cab Lamp No. 5 Made in Brass or Tin.

Cab Lamp No. 10 Made in Tin.

Water Gauge Lamp No. 7 Made in Brass or Tin.


Water Gauge Lamp No. 11 Made in Tin. Front View [Left ]; Back View [Right]

Tri-Color Lamp

For track walkers, taking the place of three lanterns. It has a revolving cylinder inside carrying red and green signals; operated from without by the bail, and fixed in position by means of a flat spring at the back, with stop catch.

Policeman's or Watchman's Dark Lamp

Made of brass or heavy tin.

No. 1 Station Platform Lamp

Burns kerosene oil. Square, 9 x 12 inches, 8-inch reflector. Square, 10 x 14 inches, 8-inch reflector. Triangular, 10 x 14 inches, 8-inch reflector. Extremely heavy; made expressly for railway service.

Tubular Station Platform Lamp

The flame in this lamp will endure rough winds. No. 1. No. 1 burner, 5/8-inch wick, 6-inch silvered glass reflector. No. 2. No. 2 burner, 1-inch wick, 7-inch silvered glass reflector. No.3. No. 3 burner, 1 1/2-inch wick, 12-inch silvered glass reflector. It will burn 24 hours without refilling, and is adapted for railway stations, barns, packing-houses, mills, etc.

Office Stand Lamp Number 162 [Left]

All glass stand or desk lamp. Takes No. 2 Sun burner and chimney.

Office Stand Lamp Number 163 [Right]

Stand or desk lamp. Takes No. 2 Sun burner and chimney. Polished brass bowl and japanned iron stand.

Office Stand Lamp No. 53 1/2 Bracket Lamp

Furnished with swinging or rigid bracket. Fitted with glass,malleable iron, or tin fount. Above lamp is fitted with silvered glass reflector. A serviceable lamp for office or station waiting-room use. We carry chimney burners, reflectors, and founts for above lamps in stock. [Insert] Heavy bronzed tin fount for No. 53 1/2 Bracket Lamp.

Notes. Special thanks to Tim Eizinger (Thanks, Tim!) who provided these scans from the 1907 Adlake catalog.

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