Shows: Columbus '04

Here are some photos of the Columbus, Ohio show held in December of 2004. These were generously provided by Rob Hoffer. Click on each image for a larger version; use your [BACK] button to return to the page. Download time may be **slow** for a modem connection.

Above left to right. A bear paperweight from the Chicago, Milwaukee & St.Paul Railway; two paperweights/promotional items; a first aid box from the Canadian Pacific Railway; a display of lanterns, a lamp, and other items.
Above left to right. cast brass doorknobs from the Illinois Central Railroad and Louisville & Nashville Railroad; a boullion cup and ice cream shell in the "Bleeding Blue" pattern of the "Santa Fe" Railway.
Above left to right. Plates in the "DeWitt Clinton" pattern of the New York Central Railroad; a plate marked for "PRR (Pennsylvania Railroad) Women's Aid"; a celery plate in the "Mercury" pattern of the New York Central Railroad; rare "Harvey Girl" salt & pepper shakers complete with boxes -- the Fred Harvey Company provided restaurant services to many railroad stations and hotels.
Above left to right. A brass steam gauge likely from a locomotive; a display of various railroad hardware; a fare box from a streetcar or interurban car; a display of glass insulators.
Above left to right. A block station lamp from the Pennsylvania Railroad; a switch lamp turned into a table lamp from the "Nickel Plate" Railroad; a switch lamp from the Akron, Canton & Youngstown Railroad; a display of three different switch lamps.
Above left to right. A bellbottom lantern with a clear cast globe from the Baltimore & Ohip Railroad; a lantern with a cast globe from the Chicago & West Michigan (?) Railroad; a display of conductor's lanterns; a brass lock from the Chicago, Peoria & St. Louis Railroad.
Above left to right. A brass lock from the Ft. Wayne, Pittsburgh & Chicago Railroad.; a number plate and nose plate from the same Baltimore & Ohio steam locomotive; a sign from the New York Central System; signs from the Wabash Railroad and Railway Express Agency.
Above left to right. A smoking stand from an Atlantic Coast Line passenger car; step stools from the Atlantic Coast Line and an office car by the name of "Virginia"; an oil or fuel can from the "Nickel Plate".
A hearty THANKS to Rob Hoffer for supplying these photos and to those
collectors and dealers at the show who let their items be photographed!