Shows: Columbus '06

Here are some photos of the Columbus, Ohio show held in April of 2006. These were kindly provided by Rob Hoffer. Click on each image for a larger version; use your [BACK] button to return to the page. Download time may be **slow** for a modem connection.

Above left to right. A cup in the Alaska Railroad's "Alaska" pattern; a platter in the Chicago & Alton Railroad's "Joliet" pattern; a teapot in the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad's "Capitol" pattern; a mini-stein from the Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern Railroad -- thought to be a promotional item.
Above left to right. A "French Quarter" service plate from the Illinois Central Railroad; a chop plate from the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway in the "Mimbreno" pattern; a butter pat from the Newfoundland Railway in the "Newfoundland" pattern; assorted china in the "Fort Wayne " pattern of the New York, Chicago & St. Louis, A.K.A. the "Nickel Plate Road".
Above left to right. A "Centennial '38" service plate from the Norfolk & Western Railway; a display of butter pats in various railroad china patterns, a plate in the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad's "York" pattern, a compote in the Pennsylvania Railroad's "Congressional" pattern.
Above left to right. Feeding frenzy; a Delaware & Hudson Railroad "Ticket Collector" hat; assorted railroad hats; a metal box (repainted) from the Seaboard Railway.
Above left to right. A track circuit panel likely from a tower; ashtray stand from the Florida East Coast Railway; a closeup of the logo on the same stand; a Poors Manual from 1932.
Above left to right. A "knobby" key, nickel-plated with engraved wreaths, from the Pennsylvania Railroad; a unusual lamp from the Pennsylvania Railroad; assorted marker lamps; box 'o lanterns.
Above left to right. An Adams & Westlake lantern from the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad with a clear cast "logo" globe; a conductor's lantern with a green-over-clear globe; a Star Headlight & Lantern lantern from the Hocking Valley Railroad with a red cast globe; a Steam Gauge lantern from the OR RR (Ohio River Railroad) with a clear cast globe.
Above left to right. An Adams & Westlake lantern from the K&M RR (Kanawha & Michigan?) with a clear cast globe; an Adams & Westlake "Reliable" lantern from the Union Pacific Railroad with a red cast "Overland" logo globe; a M.M. Buck "Machinery Dept." lantern from the Wabash Railway; an Adams & Westlake lantern marked for Wells Fargo & Co.
Above left to right. Display of lanterns; another display of lanterns; menu holders; a brass lock from the CA&C Railway (possibly Cleveland, Akron & Columbus).
Above left to right. A brass lock and key from the Grand Trunk Railway; a lock and key from the MC RR (Michigan or Maine Central likely), a lock from the SM&N RR (likely Sandusky, Mansfield, & Newark); a stores department lock from the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.
Above left to right. Stepstool (repainted) from the Missouri Pacific Railway, stepstool from the Northern Pacific Railway, tinware from the New York Central & Hudson River Railroad; and finally, "The Boys" who put on the Columbus show -- Gordy, Alan & Charlie.
A hearty THANKS to Rob Hoffer for supplying these photos and to those
collectors and dealers at the show who let their items be photographed!