Railroad Lamps ... More

More information on railroad lamps is presented on this page as a continuation of our main Lamps page.

Below are images of an unusual lamp discussed in Question 2655 on our Q&A Board. One collector identified it as a variation of an Adams & Westlake or "Adlake" 1105 Oil Burning Highway Crossing Sign. It appears to be fabricated from two long-burning semaphore lamps. The unit is approximately 40 inches wide and weighs about 20 pounds. Thanks to Doug Wills for providing these images and comments. Click on any image for a larger version.

Bottom view of the unit. Left view of the unit showing the pole receptacle of the left lamp. Fiiller cap and attachment chain for kerosene tank(s). Illuminated view of the red lens on one of the lamps. Clear lens facing the rear (opposite of the front red). It looks like that unit would slide up (rusted firm at this time ).
Adlake stamping on top of both lamps. Top view of the unit. Clear glass or cutout on the inside of one of the lamps. View of the casting into which the post slid. There is one on each side of the unit. Illuminated view of the "clear glass". This clear glass opening was cut into the side of each lamp.