Shows: Columbus '05 - December

Here are more photos from the 2005 (December) Columbus Show. Click on the thumbnails below for larger images -- which are *big* files so download times may be **slow** for a modem connection.

Above left to right. Demi set in the "Bellevue" pattern of the New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad AKA the Nickel Plate Railroad; demi set in the "Starrucca" pattern of the Erie Railroad; demi set in the "Platinum Blue" pattern of the New Haven Railroad; demi set in the "Feather RIver" pattern of the Western Pacific Railroad;
Above left to right. Double egg cup in the "Ft. Wayne" pattern of the "Nickel Plate Railroad"; chocolate pot in the "Mercury" pattern of the New York Central Railroad; a tea pot set with trivet in the "George Washington" pattern of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway; a compote in the "Brown Keystone" pattern of the Pennsylvania Railroad (with matches marked for the PRR).
Above left to right. Large platter in the "Bleeding Blue" pattern of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway; a platter in the ""York" pattern of the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad; a service plate in the "Golden Rocket" pattern of the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad; assortment of cup & saucer sets from various railroads.
Above left to right. Two views of a very rare demi set made for a special turn-of the-century (circa 1900) train sponsored by Gates' Tours that ran across the USA; cover and inside of a Gates' Tours brochure. Note that the logos on the cup and brochure are from the same company.
Above left to right. Star of the show: extremely rare creamer from the Southern Railway - the "arrow" logo has been seen in Southern Railway timetables and silverware but is previously undocumented in china; a platter and pitcher in the "DeWitt Clinton" pattern of the New York Central Railroad; two views of a demi cup in the "Fishing Line" pattern of the Grand Rapids & Indiana Railway.

More from the show.....

Thanks to Rob Hoffer for all photos!
Also thanks to everyone who let their items be photographed.