Shows: Columbus '08

Here are more photos from the Columbus, Ohio Railroadiana Show held in April of 2008.

Above left to right. A number plate from a Baltimore & Ohio P-5a 4-6-2 steam locomotive; an oiler marked for the Pennsylvania Lines; a display of four oilers; a display of public timetables.
Above left to right. A display of passes; a display of patches and other items; a pipe marked for the Pennsylvania Railroad; a Gary tower sign in the shape that incorporates a keystone -- a Pennsylvania Railroad trademark.
Above left to right. A Toledo station sign; a display of various signs and other hardware; name train departure signs; a crumber marked for the Seaboard Railroad.
Above left to right. A Santa Fe silver sugar bowl; smoking stands marked for the Atlantic Coast Line, Southern Railway, and Pennsylvania Railroad.

That's all folks!

Thanks to Rob Hoffer for all photos!
Also thanks to everyone who let their items be photographed.