Shows: Gaithersburg '04

The Gaithersburg Railroadiana and Transportation Show, held every November in Gaithersbug, Maryland, has become the premier event in the hobby. It is a show where unusual and rare things are bound to show up. Here is the first page of photos from the 2004 show generously provided by Rob Hoffer. Follow the link at the bottom of the page to a second page of photos covering china and dining car items. Two more pages on lanterns, locks, and other items will be posted in following weeks. Click on the thumbnails for larger images. Download time may be **slow** for a modem connection.

Above left to right. Lineup for the first day in beautiful weather. A serious supply of bubble wrap. Two nice displays featuring mostly lanterns.
Above left to right. China and silver display. Lanterns and colored globes in morning light. A display of different types of items. Getting down to business.
Above left to right. Photos and other paper items. Serious hardware and signs outside the main building. A display of calendars and other paper.
Above left to right. A PRR (Pennsylvania Railroad) blanket. Block signal box which would likely have been used inside a lineside tower. Dinner chimes used in a dining car to announce dinner. A Baldwin Locomotive Works builders plate, mounted on a plaque, from Western Maryland Railway steam locomotive #812.
Above left to right. A rare builders plate from a 1953 ALCO FA diesel locomotive, complete with traces of original paint. A 1907 Burnham & Williams "manhole cover" builders plate. Two East Broad Top Railroad steam locomotive number plates - #32 and #38.
Above left to right. A display of six different styles of LIMA builders plates. A rare 1800's plate from the Rhode Island Locomotive Works. A Baldwin Locomotive plate from a B&O 0-4-0 class C-16 steam locomotive (only four engines in the class). Two Grif Teller Pennsylvania Railroad calendars from 1951 and 1953
Above left to right. Three "Harvey Girl" figurines (The Fred Harvey Company provided restaurant service to many railroad stations and hotels). A East Broad Top Railroad conductor's hat. Close up of the badge on this hat. A lineup of insulators.
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