Shows: Gaithersburg '04

Here is a fourth page of photos from the 2004 Gaithersburg, Maryland Railroadiana and Transportation Show. Thanks to Rob Hoffer for all photos. Click on the thumbnails for larger images. Download time may be **slow** for a modem connection.

Above left to right. A lineup of green cast globes from the B&P RR (thought to be Baltimore & Potomac), Philadelphia & Reading Railroad, Pennsylvania Railroad, and the Monongahela Railway Company.
Above left to right. A blue cast globe from the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad. A clear cast globe from the Western Maryland Railway in an unusual marking. a clear cast globe from the Pennsylvania Railroad. a very early clear cast globe marked "Penn RR" from a fixed globe lantern owned by the Pennsylvania Railroad.
Above left to right. Various lantern displays, the last two illustrating that some tables showed lanterns for display only and not for sale.
Above left to right. A lineup of lanterns: Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh "Engine" bellbottom made by CT Ham. An all-brass top lantern from the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad made by Adams & Westlake (A&W). A wirebottom from the Chicago, Peoria & St. Louis made by Handlan. A bellbottom from the Delaware & Hudson Company made by CT Ham. A bellbottom from the Pennsylvania Railroad made by RRSL&L. A bellbottom from the S&A RR (several possible candidates for these initials).
Above left to right. More lanterns: A brass conductors lantern with a green-over-clear globe. An early brasstop fixed-globe bellbottom from the Pennsylvania Railroad. A bellbottom frame from the Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne & Chicago made by A&W. A Handlan wirebottom marked Southern Railway in Mississippi with a matching blue-etched globe. A wirebottom made by A&W from the Western Maryland Railroad (not Railway, which was later) with a green cast globe.
Above left to right. A Norfolk & Southern "Casey" model wirebottom with a red-etched globe -- the etched marking is spelled out and quite unusual. Closeup of N&S globe etching. Two marker lamps from the Pennsylvania Railroad. A pile o' lanterns.
Left - The Showstopper: The Gaithersburg show usually reveals some real treasures, and this is one example. It is a Civil War era, brass-top, fixed-globe lantern with a terrific cast globe marked "USMRR" for "United States Military Railroad". Two views are shown under different lighting conditions. A closeup of the globe is shown upper right.
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