Shows: Gaithersburg '04

Here is a third page of photos from the 2004 Gaithersburg, Maryland Railroadiana and Transportation Show. Thanks to Rob Hoffer for all photos. Click on the thumbnails for larger images. Download time may be **slow** for a modem connection.

Above left to right. A lineup of locks from the "A RR" (a number of possible railroads for these initials); Cumberland Valley Railroad; East Broad Top Railroad, and the West Virginia Central Railroad.
Above left to right. Front and back views of a fancy castback lock from the Lehigh Valley Railroad. A lock from the Pittsburg & Western Railroad. Three locks from railroads in Virginia -- the Virginian, Shenandoah Valley, and Norrfolk & Western.
Above left to right. A doorset from the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad. A Six-chime steam whistle. A lock possibly from the Virginia & Truckee Railroad (controversial since some thought it may be a fake); however, one collector has called to say that this is actually from the Virginia & Tennessee Railroad. A table with various telegraph keys. A car herald from the railway system of the USSR.
Above left to right. A large display of railroad passenger timetables. A cast iron sign from the New York Central System. A very early locomotive headlight. A more modern locomotive headlight.
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