Shows: Gaithersburg '05

The 28th annual Railroad, Steamship,and Transportation Artifacts Show was held in Gaithersburg, Maryland in November of 2005. The Gaithersburg show is the premier annual event in the hobby. Photos of the show were once again generously provided by Rob Hoffer. Rob reports that collectors and dealers brought out their best things for this photo spread, some from "under the table" (private deals, display only, etc.), so some of the pieces shown here were not even seen by most attendees of the show. To Rob and all those collectors and dealers who made their items available, we extend a most hearty "thanks"!

The photos are spread over nine pages. This page shows wide angle or panoramic views. Later pages show closeups -- see links at the bottom of each page. The images that are downloaded when clicking on the thumbnails are *big* files -- bigger than in our previous photo spreads. The big file sizes allow people to see small details, but download times may be **slow** for a modem connection.

Here are photos of the venue, rooms and tables...
Above left to right. Tailgate party, G'burg style; lantern and hardware table, talkin' over a deal, a table with both display-only and sale items.
Above left to right. Table of mostly dining car items, table of mostly hardware -- note the herald or logo on the wall which will be shown in closeup on a later page; doin' a deal over the phone; an outside table -- weather was great!
Above left to right. Panoramic views of two of the rooms; a table selling photos; a "display only" rack of lanterns.
Above left to right. All tables specializing in china, showing the extensive amount of china that shows up at this event. Some of these files are exceptionally large to allow identification of individual china patterns.
Above left to right. A table of hardware; shelves full of lanterns; a display that includes Pullman and Fred Harvey china; a wall of great pictures and broadsides.
Above left to right. Proof that not everything at the show is expensive; three views of the sad but inevitable part of the show -- packing up on late Sunday.

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All photos by Rob Hoffer.