Shows: Buena Park '08

Here are more photos from the railroadiana show held in Buena Park, California in January, 2008, courtesy of Ed Long. Click on the thumbnails for larger images. Some of these are very big files so download time may be **slow** for a modem connection.

Above left to right. An ALCO steam locomotive builder's plate; an Oregon Short Line timecard; conductor's ticket punches; an American Express sign.
Above left to right. A sign from the Railway Express Agency; two other signs from the Railway Express Agency; a display of slides; a table sponsored by the Southern Pacific Historical & Technical Society.
Above left to right. A Union Pacific Railroad spittoon, straws from the Fred Harvey Company (Santa Fe Dining Car Service); a table of lanterns and other hardware; a table of china and silver.
Above left to right. Four tables of various items.
Above left to right. A railroad bookseller; a Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway police officer attending the show; a railroad artist; a sign from the Orange County Telephone Company (not railroad but cool!).

Thanks to Ed Long and to everyone
who let their items be photographed.