Shows: Chicagoland '08

Here are more photos from the 2008 Chicagoland Railroadiana Show held in March of 2008.

Above left to right. A Handlan lantern with a clear cast globe from the Vandalia Railroad; an early unmarked brasstop lantern with a NCRW cast (but cracked) globe; a Porter brasstop bellbottom lantern, possibly from the Manufacturers Railway; a Keystone wire-bottom lantern from the Midland Valley.
Above left to right. An Adams & Westlake lantern with a red-etched globe from the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis; An Adams & Westlake Reliable lantern from the Lake Superior & Ishpeming; an Adams & Westlake bellbottom lantern from the South Side Elevated; an Adams & Westlake lantern with a clear-etched globe from the Toledo, Peoria & Western.
Above left to right. A display of coach keys; lanterns on the floor; a sign from the Chicago Great Western; a logo from the Canadian Pacific probably once affixed to a passenger car.
Above left to right. A logo from the Soo Line; a cloth mail bag from the Northern Pacific; a number plate from a Union Pacific steam locomotive; a photo of the Baltimore & Ohio's Capitol Limited.
Above left to right. A glass carafe from the Louisville & Nashville, two views of water or coffee pots from the Southern Pacific; a sign from the Chicago, Aurora & Elgin.
Above left to right. A parking sign from the Santa Fe; a sign from the Chicago & Northewestern; a station sign from Gary, Indiana, probably from a station; a timekeeping sign from the Santa Fe.

More from the show.....

Thanks to Rob Hoffer for all photos!
Also thanks to everyone who let their items be photographed.