Shows: Chicagoland '08

Here are more photos from the 2008 Chicagoland Railroadiana Show held in March of 2008.

Above left to right. Four items relating to an early Illinois Central streamliner: a photo; a long metal sign (on the table) that was mounted on the lead unit; two views of the back of the sign.
Above left to right. A block signal; a display of flatware; a drink strainer used in a bar car from the Frisco; three ladles.
Above left to right. A glass carafe from the Missouri-Kansas-Texas; a coffee pot from the Pennsylvania Railroad; a glass carafe from the Union Pacific; a silver railroad-marked bud vase.
Above left to right. A smoking stand from the Chicago & Northwestern; a smoking stand from the Union Pacific;a spittoon from the Missouri Pacific; a spittoon from the Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis.
Above left to right. A spittoon from the Norfolk & western; a step stool from the Chicago & Eastern Illinois; a display of railroad china; a display of mostly lamps.
Above left to right. A display of lanterns and other hardware; a table of lanterns; a table of railroad silver; a display of assorted railroad china.
Above left to right. A display of assorted railroad china; a table of railroad china; tailsigns (reproductions); monkey wrenches marked for the Graet Northern.

That's all

Thanks to Rob Hoffer for all photos!
Also thanks to everyone who let their items be photographed.