Shows: Gaithersburg '08

The 31th annual Railroad, Steamship,and Transportation Artifacts Show was held in Gaithersburg, Maryland in November of 2008. Photos of the show were generously provided by Rob Hoffer. Thanks to Rob and all those collectors and dealers who made their items available for photography! Please Note: We do not record or keep information on ownership, price or current availability of any items shown, so requests for such information cannot be answered.

Photos are spread over multiple pages; links are at the bottom of each page. Click on each image for a larger version, but note that these are *big* files, so download times may be **slow** for a modem connection. Use your BACK button to return from the large photos.

Above. Item from the 3rd Avenue Elevated line in New York City; a book on passenger train travel issued by the Pennsylvania Railroad; a Special Agent badge from the Southern Railway; a Baldwin Locomotive Works builder's plate.
Above. A Lima Locomotive Works builder's plate; a display of car builder's plates; a tin dipper from the Norfolk & Western Railway; a doorknob from the Erie Railroad.
Above. A door set from the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad; an eagle figure once mounted on the front of a Southern Railway steam locomotive; railroad-marked fire extinguishers; firearms from the Northern Pacific Railway.
Above. Whistles; horse bells; a lamp from the Virginian Railway; box of locks.
Above. Brass lamps (possibly made my Handlan for the hobbyist market) marked for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad; close up of the marking; Seaboard locomotive builder's photo; safety award plaque from the Missouri-Illinois Railroad.

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All photos by Rob Hoffer.