Shows: Gaithersburg '08

Here are more photos from the the 31th annual Railroad, Steamship,and Transportation Artifacts Show held in Gaithersburg, Maryland in November of 2008.

Above Left to right. Steam locomotive number plates: the #73 is from an unknown origin; the #701 is from a Baltimore & Ohio Railroad T3 Class 4-8-2 (renumbered in 1956 from #5558); the #4438 is from a Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Q4 Class 2-8-2; the #2133 is from a Norfolk & Western Railway Y6 class 2-8-8-2.
Above. Gate sign from the Pennsylvania Railroad; a "passenger agent" sign of unknown origin; front and back views of a Southern Railway promotional piece..
Above. Virginian Railway sign off a stationary boiler; a table of silver; a table of Pennsylvania Railroad silver; a table of small items.
Above. Seaboard Coastline Railroad smoking stand; a spittoon from the Virginian Railway; a stepstool embossed for the Atlantic Coastline Railroad but marked for the Norfolk & Western Railway; a table of silver and china.
Above. Ticket case marked for the Erie Railroad; a Station Master's uniform from the Washington Terminal; a close up of an embroidered lapel logo on the same uniform; a passenger train bulletin board from the Southern Railway.

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All photos by Rob Hoffer.