Shows: Gaithersburg '06

The 29th annual Railroad, Steamship,and Transportation Artifacts Show was held in Gaithersburg, Maryland in November of 2006. The Gaithersburg show is the premier annual event in the hobby. Photos of the show (all except one) were generously provided by Rob Hoffer. Thanks to Rob and all those collectors and dealers who made their items available for photographing! Please note that we do not record or keep information on ownership, price or current availability of any items shown, so requests for such information will be entirely futile.

The photos are spread over ten pages. This page shows wide angle or panoramic views. Later pages show closeups -- see links at the bottom of each page. The images that are downloaded when clicking on the thumbnails are *big* files -- bigger than in our previous photo spreads. The big file sizes allow people to see small details, but download times may be **slow** for a modem connection.

Now on to the show....

Here are photos of the venue, tables, and a few of the attendees...
Above. Beautiful weather and autumn foilage set the stage for this years show. Shown are scenes from outside and inside the buildings.
Above. Various tables and displays.  
Above. More tables, including the RCAI (Railroadiana Collectors Association Incorporated) display at far right.
Above. More tables and a particularly careful shopper looking "under the hood" .
Above. A few of the happy people at the show.  

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All photos by Rob Hoffer.