Shows: Gaithersburg '06

Here are more photos of the Railroad, Steamship,and Transportation Artifacts Show held in Gaithersburg, Maryland, November of 2006. This page shows lamps and lantern globes.

Above left to right. An Armspear bridge lamp; a bellbottom marker lamp; two views of another bridge lamp.
Above left to right. Three "marker lamps painted "safety yellow" -- the leftmost two are probably from the Pennsylvania Railroad; a "cookie cutter" top switch lamp, probably from the Milwaukee Road; a display of marker lamps; two switch lamps.
Above left to right. Four "Pennsylvania Lines" globes: amber cast, blue-cast; green cast; and etched green-over-clear.
Above left to right. A Cumberland & Pennsylvania Railroad green cast globe; a blue-etched globe from the Southern Railway; three marked globes, including a green-over-clear globe marked for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad; a red-cast globe marked for the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad.
Above left to right. A Western Maryland Railroad clear cast globe; various displays of short and tall marked globes.  

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All photos by Rob Hoffer.